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Installation of New Surface Water Pumping Station

White Horse Business Park, Trowbridge

We were instructed to install a new 2.5m wide x 5m deep surface water pump station to pump all water from the Raw materials Yard to the trade effluent bund via a twin pump station. Discharge pipe was run at high level and secured to the side of the cladded warehouse to remove the need for extra excavation and trenching works to prevent disruption to the very busy yard area, deliveries and fork lift movement.

Both existing interceptors located in the yard area were diverted and connected to our new wet well/pumping station via diversion trenches and a new inspection chamber for change of direction and for future access requirements. The system was successfully commissioned and tested.

The project from start to finish was completed in 5 weeks due to space constraints and deliveries etc. and on budget with no disruption to the yard activities or directly affecting the core business of the Company.